‘The Composer’ by Lee Olds


Contemporarily set between San Francisco and Paris in diary-like narration a musically gifted young girl makes her way through the classical tradition to achieve startling success in both performance and competition at an early age. Struggling to grow up among the paradoxes presented by her family and acquaintances she gropes to understand the metaphysical parallels that occur randomly between them and her music. In a tragic but accomplished endeavor fate seems to take her much like it appears to have made her what she has become. Similar to the Magister in “Magister Ludi’ or Juan in ‘Don Juan’ she discovers life’s meanings along the way as far as they allow, it would seem too awkward to say truths, while our blurred philosophy of the sixties becomes virtually transparent.

A very nice novel about a girl and her love for music. The plot moves fast, the characters are very well crafted and the story makes you think about life in general.


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