‘The YUSA Guide To Balance: Mind Body Spirit’ by Yusa Abundance


Within this 333-page guidebook, you will find the knowledge and practical steps upon implementation can help one achieve a natural state of abundance and experience conscious expansion. While other books focus on the “the secret” of the law of attraction, you will learn that there is far more available to you than material possessions and societal status.

Inside these pages are revealed tools readily available to you that you may not even be aware of. This book is organized around the Mind, Body, and Spirit-the three spheres of being that need to operate in equilibrium for true knowledge of self, accelerated self betterment and the manifestation of desire. Written from a state of enlightenment reached only after deep meditation and facing life’s many hardships, this guidebook presents full details of the metaphysical aspects of the mind and thoughts, the ego and self-identification, presence and creation, mindfulness, the anatomy of fear, chakra energy systems and healing, exercise and well-being, mineral-supplemented diets, along with the benefits of juicing, detoxing, clean eating, and living on a plant-based diet.


This book is very insightful and I enjoyed greatly reading it. I know now a lot more about GMOs and so many other thing. I recommend reading this book.


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