‘The Edifice (Drifter Book 1)’ by R. K. Holliday


In The Edifice, Connor Laurel, a normal boy, lives in a neighborhood with his mother and father and an energetic neighbor, Samantha.

One day before his thirteenth birthday, he receives shocking news that he may have a rare medical condition. Two men from the Greater Coalition visit his happy home and schedule to take him to a hidden facility for treatment. Once Connor leaves home he finds that events unfolding aren’t what they seem. Dr. Ferdinand Finn and his stern ally, Colonel Albert, explain that he has a mysterious ability called Impetus.

Now he will be taken to a large spacecraft named Eden, where the leader of the facility is the dark operator Malinda Marks. Connor is introduced to the facility by receiving an exciting device called an ornament. Once he arrives he is friended by the comical Liam Hudson and the loyal Natalie Finn who each have unique powers of their own.

Connor is given dark brown robes and soon is assigned to many challenging classes such as combative training and aviation. He soon learns that Eden is a miraculous place full of mysteries. If he is to solve the mystery of his ability and this hidden craft then he must dig deeper to find out the agenda of those around him.

Connor must find out the truth of the Edifice.


‘The Edifice’ is a first instalment in a new series. It sets up the world pretty nicely and I greatly enjoyed reading this book. There was a lot of intrigue and twists that kept me hooked. The ending left me wanting more, so I can’t wait for book 2.


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