‘The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited’ by Eric James-Olson


A century has elapsed since this collection of short stories, originally published via tChip under the heading “Dark Tales from the Year 2065 and the Decades that Followed,” first caught the collective imagination of the young and the bold. It need not be said that these ‘tales’ contain moments of real suspense, true horror, sheer insanity, unrelieved dread.

In this new authoritative edition, foremost EJO scholar, McCarthy Gables, provides a groundbreaking introduction revealing the true identities of the original authors, detailing the nature of their literary and political intent, connecting these seemingly minor works to the authors’ major novels: Farmers and Cannibals, But the Angels Never Came, and Just After the Fall.

(The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited is an interconnected collection of character vignettes. The stories are connected through the fictional introduction and commentary by McCarthy Gables as well as common themes, motifs, characters, and settings. It’s all within the same fictional universe. Although it doesn’t quite read like a novel, the stories are meant to be read in order. This is the fourth book in the series containing Farmers and Cannibals, But the Angels Never Came, Just After the Fall, and Whom Cain Slew


‘The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited’ is a great collection of short stories that are all set in Farmers and Cannibals universe. Each story is unique and is a great addition to the series. Although you can read these stories separately, I greatly recommend picking the rest of the novels up, to get a full picture of the world created by Eric James-Olson.


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