Moira Noonan is a physics major in her first year at the University of Illinois, Urbana, when the mother who deserted her fifteen years ago shows up one day on campus to give her a book: THE DIVIDED WORLDS: AN EXAMINATION OF THEIR CULTURES AND BIOLOGY.

“Read it,” her mom tells her, “and you’ll have your answers.” Then she departs, leaving Moira awash in anger and confusion.

Turning to the book, Moira at first assumes it is a fantasy novel, but its dry cataloging of different worlds and races read more like a zoological treatise or a military think-tank piece. Bereft of sword and sorcery or any action narrative at all, Moira didn’t see it moving up the bestselling ranks any time soon.

Her physicist-professor father, Patrick, doesn’t see it as any more than the fantastic ramblings of a deranged mind. Moira agrees, yet the book’s descriptions of Akrasians – two hearts, fast-healing, superior strength, and a killer immune system –apply hauntingly to her.

Encountering a detailed description of a summoning ceremony purported to be capable of transporting an Akrasian to Earth, Moira seizes on the opportunity to obtain hard evidence, and attempts to summon her own mother. As she performs the ritual, several of her college friends show up unexpectedly, and after the predictable hazing (“Are you a sorceress or a priestess?”) someone points out the beautiful blond woman now standing within the pentagram. The woman is not Moira’s mother.

Now Moira has her hard evidence. Unfortunately, she also has a very powerful and very pissed-off being on her hands. Mayhem ensues, people die, and one promising young college student is hauled through an inter-dimensional pathway into the brutal world of Akrasia.


This is another great story with an amazing main character. Moira is a very refreshing heroine, one that I liked from the start. Her story is gripping, full of adventures and new creatures that author did a good job of describing. Can’t wait for book 2!


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