Bleeding Shadows by Eazra Shrantz


“In our hearts and in our dreams, the sun will shine until shadows bleed. The light will shine where it’s the darkest so it can grow no more.” Ron Shotz has been haunted since he was twelve years old by a ghastly murder suicide. His mother, a devoted religious woman, cracked mad. She killed Ron’s little brother, Billy, a special needs child, then pulled both triggers of an Ithaca double barrel exploding her brains right in front of Ron’s fear frozen eyes. Living in a small town where anyone’s business is everyone’s business, the tale of Crazy Mary still swims through all open ears and lingers as Ron’s eternal identity. Things just never go right for Ron Shotz. But his life is about to change. When a fellow employee at the local electric company named Billy is swept up in an Islamist Extremist revenge plot, Ron may be the only one who can save the day, giving him a much needed shot at redemption. Currently residing in a red, white, and blue trailer on blocks while relying on booze and cigarettes to quell his pain, Ron hits the road to destiny. The story takes place in Ridgway, St. Marys, and Kane, Pennsylvania, with one other slap-yourself surprise location It’s a serious page turner that will get you so caught up in the moment that you won’t know exactly what hit you until you close the book, sit down over a cup of coffee, and contemplate the meaning of terror, the reasons for war, and the existence of human insanity brought on by deluded, collective belief systems. Bleeding Shadows is a hybrid of genres. It’s an experimental novel, part thriller, part horror, with suspenseful action, and a whole lot of satirical undertones. Some scenes will make your toes curl, while others will most definitely make your skin crawl with electric worms while at the same time have you laughing, leaving you to question your humanity. Enjoy the ride.


It was a really good debut novel. It’s thriller, horror and an action novel all in one, so there isn’t a single moment when the reader might get bored. The story keeps you entertained through the whole story, the writing is good, so I definitely recommend this book to the fans of action and suspense filled books!




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