‘Experiment’ by Cyma Rizwaan Khan


How do you survive in a world without hope?

And what will it turn you into?

Alien species are in control of the planet and Zyronian Citizens have no choice but to become slaves to both reigning species, the Zyre and the Khaltars. Life on Zyron for someone who is born a Citizen was bad enough but the constant riots within the regions have made survival impossible. So when Lane Volze, a twenty-two year old Citizen becomes the victim of a treacherous conspiracy, his brother Connor takes the help of resistance leader Jace Dyer and does everything in his power to get him out, but nothing is at it seems, and Connor keeps running into dead-ends. Lane on the other hand, struggles for survival in the prison from hell and is trying his best to come to terms with the fact that his life is over.

Will Connor get to the bottom of this conspiracy before it’s too late?


‘Experiment’ is a fascinating sci-fi novel. I found myself immersed in the world of Volze brothers. It had me surprised a few times and I always appreciate that in a story. The ending left me kind of speechless, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Not many authors decide to go in that directions and I admire Cyma for doing that.


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