‘Sex and Crime: Oliver’s Strange Journey’ by Oliver Markus


Oliver’s strange journey spans 30 years and takes him from teenage hacker in Aachen, Germany to Internet millionaire in Fort Myers, Florida. Along the way, he meets escaped mental patients, gold diggers, stalkers, sex addicts, mobsters, porn stars and heroin addicted prostitutes. On his search for true love in all the wrong places, he marries an agoraphobic benzo addict, and after his divorce, he falls in love with not just one but several crackwhores in jail.


This was a difficult read. It deals with very heavy subjects, but the way it was written didn’t captivate me enough to immerse myself in the story. I think it just not my kind of book. I just found myself skipping some pages to get to the end. But if you enjoy stories full of addicts, sex and violence this is a book for you.


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