‘Dead Energy. An Alex Cave adventure. Episode 1’ by James M. Corkill


When the Americrude tanker left Valdez Alaska, she was filled with 12,000 tons of heavy crude oil. When she enters the Puget Sound in Washington, the oil mysteriously vanishes without a trace. The Coast Guard cannot find an oil spill, and the corpses of the crew are discovered frozen in the snow on a mountain one hundred miles away.
Soon panic grips the Pacific Northwest when the oil in the Alaska pipeline and west coast refineries vanishes without a trace. The onlyclue Alex has to work with is a dollar size crystal found in the hold of the empty oil tanker. Can Alex and his friends solve the mystery before it’s too late? Or will the United States succumb to DEAD ENERGY.


‘Dead Energy’ is a great novel, perfect for a sci fi and thriller enthusiasts. The suspense never ends and I was very eager to know what will happen next. I also enjoyed the writing style, the story had a nice flow and if not for ordinary things that were calling to me, I would read this book in a day. I’ll look forward to Episode 2!


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