‘The Calypsis Project (The Calypsis Project, #1)’ by Brittany M. Willows


“For what we seek is what we fear . . . But with great ambition comes greater sacrifice.”

Humanity has all but abandoned a dying Earth, ravaged by plague and pollution.

Six decades following the colonization of the planet Anahk, a series of events triggers a devastating war between the United Nations Planetary Defense and an extraterrestrial organization known as the Drocain Royal Empire.

NOVEMBER 2438 . . .
Ten years have passed and still the battle = rages on. With no signs of a conclusion in sight, the men and women of the UNPD have been forced into desperation as the human race moves ever closer to the brink of defeat.

And now, the fate of the entire galaxy may rest on the shoulders of a single alien warrior: the shamed graduate, Kenon Valinquint—a young Drahkori who enrolls in the Drocain Royal Empire in the hopes of one day redeeming himself.

Unbeknownst to the young warrior, his decision has set in motion a staggering chain of events that could very well change the direction of the war, and the known history of the universe, forever.


‘The Calypsis Project’ is a great novel, a must read for all the sci-fi fans out there. It’s full of action, has some great characters, the world is so perfectly described that you just can see it in your mind with every little detail and the mystery surrounding the titular project keeps you guessing. It’s a great introduction to a series, so I’m looking forward to see what the author will come up next.


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