‘Kill Daddy’ by Gerald Freeman


The story takes place in East Africa, where Gerry has gone to escape the demons from his past, and find something inspirational to do with his life. Escaping England was easy, but escaping his past was not. It is an emotional journey as well as a physical one. He is damaged goods, the product of abuse, and he feels like a pariah on society. However, in Africa, Gerry finds love, friendship, and even security among the poorest people in the world, who open their hearts and welcome him into their families as one of their own. He experiences a roller-coaster ride of adventures, both amazing and awful, and he finds out what life is really like, living in the remote villages of Kenya and Uganda. Will Africa be enough to help him regain his sense of self-worth, or will his abusers win in the end?


‘Kill Daddy’ is a story about a man with an abusive childhood, who tries to find a way to forget and heal. I deeply enjoyed the vivid descriptions of Africa, how the people there live. Gerry’s struggles moved something in me and I wanted for him to fins some sort of happiness. It’s not a book for everyone, but it deserves checking out.


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