‘Her Unwelcome Inheritance (Fayborn #1)’ by J. Aleksandr Wootton


Petra Godfellow is ready – a little nervous, but ready – to grow up and leave home. She doesn’t know the family secret – about the man who loved her mother, who never could accept that it was over between them… 

Who’s crazy enough to believe that he’s the rightful king of Faerie.

As she begins her first semester at Lightfoot College, and Faerie begins to intrude upon her little college town, Petra will be forced to navigate her own doubts when members of her family – people she respects – reveal their belief in the absurd and impossible. She’ll be stalked by the supernatural, asked to bargain with unfriendly powers for the fate of another world.

And it’s not just her future that’s at stake – it’s her mother, her aunt, her best friend… and thousands of refugees from a centuries-old civil war in Faerie who are tired of staying in hiding…


‘Her Unwelcome Inheritance’ is a great introduction to a fantasy series. I never liked faeries very much, but I think it might change now. J. Aleksandr Wootton did a great job blending other known works with his imagination and created unique story. Petra is an amazing character and I’ll be looking forward to read more about her adventures.


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