‘The First Madonna (Nicolina Fabiani, #2)’ by Yvonne Crowe


Who is The First Madonna and what is the mystery surrounding her?
To unlock this secret, Nicolina Fabiani, the Pulitzer prize winning journalist teams up with David Baron, a Professor of Ancient Languages, whom she suspects is more than he appears to be on the surface, to search in Ancient Temples sites throughout the Middle East? 
What is the Knights of Malta’s connection to the Templar Knights? 
And why do they covet The First Madonna and her secret? 
As Nicolina and David stay one step ahead of her old nemesis, the Knights of Malta, they uncover a revelation about the origins of mankind and the power that men are willing to kill for.
This eagerly awaited sequel in the Nicolina Fabiani series, is a fast paced, well researched thriller, reaching a shattering climax in an archaeological dig in Anatolia, which is rewriting mankind’s history; and where The First Madonna reveals her power and what it will mean for a world poised the brink of disaster.


The second installement in the series about Nicolina Fabiani is much better than the first one! The plot’s keeps you hooked, the dialouges are much better written and the history of the Knights of Malta is so enjoyable. The character of David was also nice addition to the story and I’ll be looking out for the next book in this series.


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