‘My Favorite Life’ by Lawrence Ambrose


Larry Anderson is an internet mogul with the seemingly perfect life: a beautiful, loving wife, good friends, a magnificent country mansion, youth and good looks, a stable of expensive cars, and billions of dollars in property and investments. But while preparing for a Fourth of July bash, that all changes in a flash – literally – as he is struck by lightning. 

Awakening in a hospital, Larry is shocked to find that he is a flabby, bearded, eighties-sideburned version of himself living in a modest condo and running a small computer repair business in downtown Burnsville, Minnesota, while his lovely wife of sixteen years is engaged to another man. And he drives a sputtering 1997 GM van. 

At first unsure if he’s hallucinating or perhaps stuck in some kind of coma-dream, Larry wonders if he should do anything more than simply wait to wake up. He explores possible explanations for his predicament, but finds none of them satisfying. If it isn’t all a dream, is something larger at play, or is he merely the victim of a cosmic joke? 

Gradually, grudgingly, Larry accepts his current predicament, however temporary or illusory it might be, and decides to make the best of things. To the surprise of everyone, he begins dieting and hitting the local gym with a vengeance while embarking on twin quests to win back the woman who was his wife and re-acquire his former financial glory.


‘My Favorite Life’ is a great novel, one that shows us ‘what happens if…’. The whole story is captivating and I deeply enjoyed reading about Larry’s adventures. I don’t want to give to much away and spoil the story, so I just say: read it and find out on your own!


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