‘The Magdalene Conspiracy (Nicolina Fabiani #1)’ by Yvonne Crowe


In the early history of the church, there is no more mysterious or controversial figure than Mary Magdalene.

What was her real place in the life of Jesus Christ? After his death and resurrection, where did Mary Magdalene go? Was it to the South of France as some have claimed? And if so, what was she doing there? 

Two thousand years later, the answers are finally about to be revealed – with explosive consequences. 

In Rome, someone has crucified an innocent woman and hung a sign around her neck reading ‘The Magdalene Whore’. 

Soon afterwards a second murder is discovered and a child is abducted – and the crime is linked back to the secretive Knights of Malta. 

Nicolina, an ambitious journalist in Rome, is determined to find out what is behind these bizarre killings – and win herself a Pulitzer Prize. 

She is reluctantly helped in her quest by Edoardo, a Vatican Priest from one of the Ancients of Venice families. 

But does he have a connection with Mary Magdalene himself? Who is the Cardinal? And what is his connection to the Knights of Malta and the Monastery of St Gerard?

If the truth is ever revealed, it will rock the foundations of the Roman Catholic Church. 

As Nicolina and Eduardo race against time to prevent another murder, they discover the true legacy of Mary Magdalene. And the ultimate truth about Mary and Jesus, his real mission on earth, and his death.


It was a good read. I like all the stories revolved around the theories about Mary Magdalene. It wasn’t anything unique, but I enjoyed every twist and turn along the way. The main characters were entertaining and it’s worth sticking to the end for them alone.


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