‘The Golden Sword (The Camelot Inheritance #1)’ by Rosie Morgan


All Arthur Penhaligon wants is to have a normal life, doing normal things.
But before he was born – a VERY long time before – Arthur was Chosen.
His life is going to be anything but ordinary.

Skateboarding down his local street Arthur realises that everyone has disappeared, except for one man – and a crow. And the man is waiting for him.

Arthur and his friends, Nick and Tamar, quickly find themselves pulled into a strange and dark world of ancient magic, deep mystery and danger.
A world where people travel through time, animals take control and a mythical sword becomes real.
A world where the murderous Crow Man, and Matearnas, the self-crowned Queen of Cornwall, are determined to rob Arthur of his ancient birthright.
At any cost.

Normal is about to go out of the window.

And it all starts on page 1….

At the end of the street the mist swirled and shifted. A shape flew out of the enveloping cloud and circled before settling on a gate post.
Moments later a tall, dark shadow silently followed. His long coat flowed behind him, and he wore a broad-brimmed hat pulled down low over his face. He strode purposefully along the street before coming to a halt outside the house where the bird waited.
The stranger examined the house intently. Then he nodded towards the bird and taking something out of his pocket, tossed it to the ground. Satisfied, he spun around and retraced his steps to disappear once more, into the mist.
The bird cawed once, spread its wings and followed.


‘The Golden Sword’ is an interesting take on King Arthur’s legends. It shows us a modern version of the famous monarch. I have read and watched many versions of the myths and I’m glad to say that this book was different from them. Although it’s a book for middle-graders, I have enjoyed it and it certainly kept my attention. My favourite character was Nick and I look forward to read more about him, Arthur and Tamar!


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