‘Unsettle the Score’ by Jeffrey L. Hollman


UNSETTLE THE SCORE tracks what happens to Maureen Jasper after husband Tom, the Kiwanis Club Man of the Year, hits and kills a beautiful naked girl running drunk on their street at night. For Maureen, an educator herself, the incident marks the start of her own re-education, a new set of lessons where she will learn that her husband is a criminal, that the police and FBI are not only useless but dangerous, and that to save her own daughter, she has to take criminal action herself against the dead girl’s father, a little old man she has seen walking dogs around the neighborhood. Problem is, he’s a major crime lord. At first, Maureen sees the accident as a tragedy she will have to help Tom overcome emotionally, but the girl’s father, Dmitri Mason, a violent criminal who takes pleasure in slaughtering animals as well as people, begins to pull the Jaspers into a long and elaborate drama of revenge culminating in the kidnapping of their daughter, a college freshman. Suave, smooth, the ultimate puppet master, Dmitri Mason recruits a brilliant serial killer, a North Korean agent, and a corrupt cop to bring about a string of final violent acts to settle scores against his enemies prior to his retirement from a life in crime. That retirement is forestalled, however, because he never reckoned that a quiet second grade teacher could be as violent, as determined, and as harsh in action as himself. After her daughter is made a sex slave, Maureen takes action to “unsettle the score” and revenge herself on the man who has wreaked such damage on her family. “It’s clear from the start that Dmitri is…an indelible villain.” -Kirkus Reviews “An ambitious thriller, successful in nearly every respect.” -Kirkus Reviews(


“Unsettle the Score’ keeps the reader invested in the story from the very beginning. It’s a really good psychological thriller, with interesting plot and well written characters. It’s that kind of book that you just can’t put away once you start it. I recommend it to every thriller loving reader.


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