‘The Volcano Dancer’ by Brad Keena


In the debut novel from award-winning writer and public policy veteran Brad Keena, congressional staffer Nikolette Allen joins grieving widower Rick Morrow as he tries to penetrate government secrecy over an incident that claimed the lives of his wife and daughter.
It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since the morning Rick opened his front door to three government officials. “Your wife and daughter were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time,” one of the agents told him. “Unfortunately, what happened is classified.”
One morning while visiting the home of an acquaintance, Rick meets Nikolette, a young woman uncertain about a career in Washington serving a government she no longer trusts. Suspicious at first, she becomes deeply moved by Rick’s plight and joins him on a quest to find Liam Channing, a retired federal investigator who may be the key to unlocking the truth behind the tragedy.
With intriguing character studies and a vivid narrative, Brad Keena masterfully weaves together the intricate plot of a political crime thriller inspired by actual events. A story of hope and persistence, The Volcano Dancer is the journey of two unlikely companions discovering each other’s hidden strengths as they make an arduous climb from tragedy to ultimate justice.


I enjoyed reading this thriller. The action scenes were pretty intense and kept me interested in reading further. The main character, Rick, was likable, I was rooting for him and the ending gave a nice closure to his story.


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