‘Imperfect’ by Magdalena Ganowska


Imperfect is a semi-fictional, self-published memoir which takes you on a journey through all sorts and types of intricate and challenging relationships. Meg, the main heroin, the storyteller, could be anybody. Ordinary on the surface, complex and unique in reality. Depicted here, we have a life of a young woman who after hitting the bottom, clawed her way up to the very peak.

Solitude, this fatal modern disease, is what Meg had had to tackle since her parents’ divorce. As a fifteen-year-old, she started an affair she hoped would mend her wounds but what it actually did to her, was everything but. Many years later, she’s given a second chance in life, but her closet, overflowing with skeletons, is something that she finds intimidating and has no idea how to get over it and move on.

With a shocking prologue, breathtaking honesty and startling moments of retrospection, the reader is able to dip into the action set in contemporary Gdansk, a magical city situated on the north of Poland, just by the Baltic Sea.

This extremely gripping story is not another mawkish prattle but based on true events, brave and straightforward modern tale of how varied faces love can wear. Written by a completely unknown, first time author from Poland, Mrs. Magdalena Ganowska proves that in life, everything is possible.


The book was off to a great start, but it lost me somewhere along the way. It was a nice read, one that I will definitely not forget, but I guess it just not really my cup of tea. I liked the main character, Meg, so I stick with her till the end of her story. Nevertheless I’m glad I read this book by a fellow Polish author.


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