‘Derek Agons Slays A Dragon’ by Samuel Tucker Young


Derek Agons just found out that the natural disasters he’s seen tearing up the world are not just random earthquakes and monsoons. They are the result of a dragon, hellbent on destroying the world as it lusts for the one thing it wants the most; the illuminating book that Derek just picked up in a parking lot off of a talking cat. Failing high school is the least of Derek’s problems now, for the book has chosen him as its champion, destined to face the bloodthirsty dragon in a duel for the fate of the world.

Now the high school junior must traverse modern day America as he gets crossed and double crossed in search of the beast. Accompanied by a furiously curious talking cat, Derek soon uncovers a hidden world deep within his own that is filled with books that glow with desire, an ancient order of talking animals clinging desperately to the past, and a mysterious girl who keeps the world turning.

All of that, of course, plus the evil dragon he must slay to keep the world from ending.


It was a great read, I was sad it ended. The writing style was perfect, it kept me interested and I didn’t want to put the book down.
It’s full of talking animals, which I found most enjoyable. And it made me sad a little too, my cat doesn’t talk back to me :).
Derek Agons is a very likable character, perfect for the protagonist, and I liked Prometheus too (every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain 😉 ).
I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading YA Fantasy.


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