‘SG – Suicide Game’ by Haidji


Eight thousand candidates sign up for the Suicide Game. Only one can win. Their destination: the Night Stadium, a place of makeup and music, fear and adrenaline, blood and romance, celebration and death.
Each candidate has his or her own reason for entering the Game. The Council runs the Game. The outcome of the Game is left to fate…in the laps of the gods. The candidates will jump to their deaths in order to win everything, before capacity crowds in the Stadium. The public follows every jump, live on TV and on their mobile screens, choosing their favorite candidates and betting on their lives.
The Game’s community also includes geeks, mafia, makeup artists, master chefs, models, musicians, ordinary workers, spies, terrorists, and many others. SG – Suicide Game is the story of the candidates’ journey. It boldly imagines a place where death and denial are interwoven with hope, choices and the innate desire for happiness. Impressive in the totality of its vision, it is an exploration of the best and worst things in our lives, nightmares and especially, our dreams.


I have mixed feelings about this story. It had real potential but I don’t think it was well developed.
I liked the idea of the game. Maybe I missed something but I still don’t know why they were organizing it in the first place. The stories of some of the candidates helped but I still wasn’t convinced about their reasons to join the game.
The contest itself was very repeating. I think that if the game was more varied and if the candidates were to face different challenge with every step, I would enjoy it more.
I don’t think it was a bad story, cause it wasn’t, it was just lacking in the mysteries, e.g. it would be more suspenseful to change challenge in each step, instead of constantly jumping.
I liked Cassandra so I’m happy with the ending of her story.
I will look forward to the next book of Haidji, I think there’s some potential in her stories!



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