‘Heavy Duty People’ by Iain Parke


Damage’s club has had an offer it can’t refuse, to patch over to join The Brethren.

But what does this mean for Damage and his brothers?

What choices will they have to make?

What history might it reawaken?

And why is The Brethren making this offer?

Loyalty to his club and his brothers has been Damage’s life and route to wealth, but what happens when business becomes serious and brother starts killing brother?

Told from a club member’s viewpoint it looks at what happens when ‘business’ runs up against friendship. When your club and your ‘brothers’ are your life, how far will you go for your brothers? And when does loyalty and freedom become exploitation?(


I don’t usually read this kind of stories. It’s fiction but feels like some biography.
It was interesting to read about motorcycle gang and learning about their right of passage and hierarchy, structure. It was kind like a Sons of Anarchy novel ;).
The ending was gripping enough to make me want to continue with the story in book 2.

*I was given this book free through Story Cartel in exchange for a review.



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