‘Vita Maglia’ by Brit Malorie


Recovering from addiction and a lonely childhood, Zander Grace resented his physicist father for years. But as he delves deeper into the man’s insane experiments, he finds much more than he ever knew was possible. A discovery that reveals the science behind psychics, ghosts and soulmates, the source of our most powerful emotions and closest relationships.

Overwhelmed by fear and doubt, Zander must grow into an unlikely hero, one who fights to protect millions of lives caught in an eternal war we can’t see. Overwhelmed by love and longing, he fights for the heart of Bryn Sansa, a spirited Japanese dancer who won’t let go of the wounds from her past.

But Zander can’t fight what he doesn’t know. His uncle, a beloved priest, feels compelled to bring the discovery under the control of the Catholic Church. Even if he must trade Zander’s life.

Yet the greatest threat looms on the horizon. An island lies hidden in the South Pacific, a place where invisible creatures roam and kill, where emotions are passed through touch, and where bizarre experiments toy with the fabric of reality. Lynch Katlan is a psychopath beyond mercy, a man who drenches the island’s tunnels in screams and blood. He hunts Zander Grace, determined to find the route to this vulnerable new world.

Similar to The Passage, this book combines rich spirituality with the thrill of an adventure story. From the first page, the reader is nearly devoured by an island paradise that’s not what it seems, then drawn even further into a scientific discovery that will make you question the very nature of the human soul.

*Note* This book contains some violence. Reader discretion advised.


This is a really great book with many twists and turns. I was mad when I had to put it down to study ;). The science vs religion is always an interesting topic and the Maglia itself is an uncommon place, one that I couldn’t wait to know more about. I always appreciate the growing of characters through out the book, so it wasn’t hard for me to start rooting for Zander Grace. And Hadley is such a sweetheart! I should also mention Lynch Katlan who is so psychotic and yet still interesting character. Though I wouldn’t want to meet him :).
The book ends on a very interesting note and I just wish there was already a sequel so I could return to the magnificent world of Vita Maglia.


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