‘Unleashing Jupiter’ by D.C. Armstrong


Book 2 in the Gods with Fangs Trilogy

“My dreams are magnificent. Often I am in the sky, surrounded by glorious storms the likes of which humanity has never witnessed. In my dreams I am free to unleash destruction and in my dreams the world is mine.”

Trapped in a world of peril and intrigue, Cora must search for light in the darkness that trauma has left in her mind. While losing a grip on her mental faculties, she must face the threat of genetically engineered vampires, a vampire with a growing god complex, and the life changing events that will result. Love and fear take on new meanings as destiny drives her toward a path she could never have imagined even in her wildest dreams.

Review contains spoilers!

Unleashing Jupiter starts a few months later from the events from Gods With Fangs. Cora is still struggling with her father’s decisions but returns to her normal self.
In this book the plot focuses a lot more on Piper, which I liked greatly. He’s such an interesting character; I can’t decide whether he’s a villain or not. Some of his actions just scream ‘bad’ but he can be so sweet in his relations with Cora and Dominic.  I’m not sure if he’s coming to power will be as peaceful as he says it will be. And Dominic’s his father, I didn’t see that coming! 
The creation of the gen2-vampires is a very good idea, all tough I think it was a little underdeveloped and rushed and I would like to know more about Lynne!
The book ends on a cliffhanger and I’d really like to know now what happens next. How much Aries will be pissed after that year on the bottom of the ocean :). I’m also interested in Cora and Piper’s baby, wonder what interesting abilities will he have.


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