‘Hannah Nakova’ by Coyla Coblentz


Hannah Nakova lives an unremarkable life in an unremarkable town and works an unremarkable job. She is plain and unimportant, quiet and unobtrusive. Her only remarkable feature, in fact, is that she’s haunted by shadows, Wall Puppets as she once called them, and they have followed her for life. While she’s convinced herself that they are merely figments of her imagination, hallucinations that she never quite shook off as a child, her Wall Puppets are becoming something more. For reasons unknown, they are shifting from mere shadows into physical beings intent on taking her life.


This book is certainly not like any other books I have read. It focuses mostly on psychological side of fear and human struggles in the face of the unknown. The whole story is filled with suspense and is a real page-turner.
I gave only 4 stars, because there are few questions about the Wall Puppets that I would like to have answers to, so I hope that Coyla Coblentz will write a sequel to the adventures of Hannah Nakova.



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