‘Gods With Fangs’ by D.C. Armstrong


Book 1 of the Gods with Fangs Trilogy. The story continues in Book 2 – Unleashing Jupiter.

Cora McNeil’s world has been turned upside down. Vampires have effortlessly taken over the world after meticulously placing themselves in positions of power over a century’s time. They claim to have pure intentions: promising to lead mankind to a better way of life using their wealth, wisdom, and immunity to the selfish nature of humanity. However, many citizens are skeptical of their intentions, including Cora’s father. His defiance leads him down a dangerous path and Cora is left with no choice but to try to protect her father from himself. But for Cora, the trouble is only just beginning as her life intertwines with those of three incredibly powerful vampires whose machinations may determine the fate of us all.

“As you may or may not be aware, my name is Piper Deveraux. I am here to address the most important question of all: how will we be feeding now that everything has changed? The answer to this question is closely tied with the answer to the second most important question: what happened to all of your criminals?”

“Project ‘Olympus’ would insinuate that we are something far more dangerous. I am starting to wonder whether I fall into such a category so easily despite your best efforts to keep me under restraint.


Vampires take over the world! But not in the way you think; they want to bring peace everywhere so they come out of hiding and even have a candidate for a Prime Minister!
The main character, Cora, is right in the middle of the action. Her father is building a resistance against vampires, not believing that bringing peace is their true motive. After Cora meets the lovely Aries Deveraux, she’s not certain whether her father’s right…
The world created by D.C. Armstrong is simple, yet unique. Her vampires aren’t stereotypical creatures of the night, as portrayed in many other books or movies. They adapt in our society which means that you don’t know if your neighbour is not one of them. I liked the political aspect of the story, the manipulating citizens (the scene with the cow!). I also hope for more Piper in the next books!
I don’t know about the romance plot line, it seems forced to me as of now. Aries is centuries old vampire, yet he behaves like a teenage boy around Cora and I find this behaviour silly. Maybe it will be better shown in the next installments.
I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to the next.


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