‘Farmers and Cannibals’ by Eric James-Olson


Enter the world of Farmers and Cannibals where limited resources, worldwide conflict, and great leaps in weapons technology have cut a deep fissure between those who have taken power, and those that struggle to survive on the margins of civilization. The deadly struggle continues as the dispossessed gather together, as the men and women robbed of their livelihood recognize the inherent power of their numbers. Join Francisco Cain, Director for Security on Farm-Colony 984, as he finds himself in the center of the conflict. Bear witness as this tool for control, as this mechanism for power begins to recognize the hand that subtly controls his every action.

Review contains spoilers!

Of all the books by Eric James-Olson I’ve read so far, this one I enjoyed the most. It has everything: action, compelling main character and political intrigue. The narrative told from many different viewpoints is very thrilling, especially the search for the mole in the farm  although I thought Jeff was suspicious from the beginning . It was nice to see Abraham again too.


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