‘Cain Answered’ by Eric James-Olson


In the year 2074, a rare group of men were hired to exterminate the remaining natives of conquered lands. In a world devoid of the term humanitarianism, it is not the odious job of these men that is the subject of this short story, but the toxic leadership they are forced to follow.

This series of short stories is written in the same world as the novels, Farmers and Cannibals, But the Angels Never Came, and Just After the Fall. The stories, as well as, the novels are written in no particular order. Many of the characters are the same throughout. This particular story features Cain


This was a real fun short story, centered around young man Cain who’s a mercenary. The plot shows what happens when the wrong people are leaders of a group.
Although the story is set in a futuristic world, it doesn’t feel like it. It might as well happen in our times. I find lack any informations about Cain disappointing but maybe it’s because I still have to read Farmers and Cannibals. I bet it’s a nice addition to the world built by Eric James-Olson!


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