‘But The Angels Never Came’ by Eric James-Olson


Before the world ended Abraham was a young successful lawyer with a wife and child. He was no different than anyone else. That all changed suddenly when the old nation was taken over by a hostile foreign power, and Abraham was forced to make the most important choice of his life. Stay and be subject to the arbitrary whims of the invaders, or abandon his home for the unlikely prospect of freedom


That was a quick read. Although it’s technically a prequel, the reader don’t need to know what happens in the previous book, But The Angels Never Came tells its own story.
The book tells the story of a man named Abraham and his family as they struggle to survive in a futuristic world. They come across very dangerous people, terrifying places and they must make some difficult choices along the way.
I enjoyed the biblical references, it was fun to compare them with the original stories. The book is also full of action so it was hard to put it down once you started reading. I wish there was more insight to the minds of Sarah and Iniko, there are too little scenes written from their perspective. I would really like to know more of what was happening inside their heads, so that is the only downside to this book in my opinion.
Now I have to read the first book, Farmers and Cannibals!



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