‘A Life To Waste’ by Andrew Lennon


Dave liked nothing more than to sit and waste his life away.
Until one night his world was turned upside down and his life ripped apart, throwing him into a must win battle with an unknown enemy.

With time running out and the odds against him.

Can he stop this “thing” or is it too late?


Dave is man in his mid thirties, has no job and lives with his mum. After tragic accident that happened when he was a teenager, he loses himself in alcohol and drugs. Suddenly his neighbour disappears in mysterious circumstances and he decides to investigate.
The first half of the book is slow-paced, it focuses more on the things in the past that led Dave to practically waste his life. It certainly added depth to his character but I couldn’t wait for the horror to begin. The descriptions of what he discovers in his investigation are truly horrifying. The song that the bad guy was constantly humming surely made everything even more creepier.
It was a good book, I only expected the scary parts to come sooner :).


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